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CD Ripper

Rip & Convert CD to APE, CD to WAV, CD to MP3, CD to OGG, WAV to MP3, ACC to MP3 etc.

CD Ripper, rip convert cd to ape, cd to mp3, cd to wma, cd to oggImtoo CD Ripper is an excellent CD to MP3 converter which help users to rip CD and convert CD to APE, CD to WMA, CD to OGG, MP3, WAV, etc. Also, the CD Ripper is not only a CD to MP3 converter or CD to MP3 ripper. It can convert between various audio formats including WAV, MP3, AAV, OGG, APE.

The CD Ripper helps you convert digital audio tracks directly from compact discs to CD-Quality WAV files , the popular MP3 files ,windows media format files(WMA) or OGG Vorbis format files,without generating temporary files.

The main function of the CD Ripper is ripping CD tracks to APE, WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG, VQF etc. With the friendly interface, you will complete CD ripping within a few minutes. In addition, it supports conversion between MP2/MP3 and RIFF-WAV. more settings ensure it suitable for digital music fans. Supports ID3 tag and retrieving track info from the remote CDDB.

CD Ripper, rip convert cd to ape, cd to mp3, cd to wma, cd to ogg Purchase $23.00

key Features

  • Rip CD to APE
    To obtain best sound quality and smaller size you can use the CD Ripper to rip and convert CD to APE format file. APE are standout lossless sound compression scheme.
  • Rip CD to OGG
    To obtain best sound quality you can use the CD Ripper to rip and convert CD to OGG file.
  • Rip CD to MP3
    the CD Ripper is a CD to MP3 converter which can rip CD with very fast speed and convert CD to MP3 file.
  • Convert WAV to MP3
    Beside ripping CD to mp3, the CD Ripper supports wav to mp3 file conversion too.
  • Convert AAC to MP3
    You can use the CD Ripper to convert AAC file to mp3 and play them in most mp3 or DVD player.
  • Convert OGG to mp3
    You can use the CD Ripper to rip CD to OGG format or convert your OGG files to mp3.

More Features

  • the CD Ripper is suitable for both veterans and beginners.
    If you are a veteran, you will find there are so many options you can set, if it's the first time you rip CDs, you don't have to consider these options, just use default settings and rip CDs in a few clicks.
  • Supports ID3 tag
    You can read/edit ID3 tag yourself before ripping.
  • Supports preview
    With the built-in CD player, you can preview the CD tracks before you begin ripping them.
  • Supports batch conversion
    Select all files you want to rip or convert and the CD Ripper will automatically encode them one by one.
  • Normalize volume
    It can normalize the volume levels of various CD tracks.
  • Excellent output quality
    Using the CD Ripper, you will get any output formats you want with excellent quality.

More Settings

  • Select encoder at your will, such as LAME MP3 Encoder, Windows MP3 Codec, Microsoft WAV Encoder and more;
  • Select sound mode like Stereo, Join Stereo, Forced Stereo, Mono etc.;
  • Retrieve CD tracks' information from the remote CDDB (CD database). Also you can create your local CDDB on your computer;
  • Select encoding with VBR or CBR;
  • Bitrate is selectable.


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