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Recording Cassettes to MP3

How to record cassettes to MP3, Recording Cassettes to MP3 software directory lists the most popular Record Cassettes to MP3 software that can help you Record Cassettes to MP3 with easily.

Cassettes to MP3, Recording Cassettes to MP3 iPod Audio Studio is a handy and powerful software to match all your requires with iPod. It can record audio from micro phone, CD, video, and any audio you can hear from your computer , and convert audio files from one format to another according to your wish with best quality , then transmit them to your iPod easily. Key features: Record cassettes to MP3, Record your cassettes and LP’s you cherish to iPod, CD or MP3; Record anything you can hear through your PC speakers on your PC; Reduce noise from your tape recordings; Enhance overall sound quality with our equalizer.

Cassettes to MP3, Recording Cassettes to MP3Recording to iPod Solution is an easy to use program, without bells and whistles, specially designed to digitize recordings of music LP’s, cassettes to MP3, iPod or CD. Of course the program can also be used for sound recording. Want to save cassette recordings of (family) events you cherish to iPod, CD or MP3? or record your LP's and 45's that have been stuck on the attic for ages to iPod? All supported in Recording to iPod Solution!


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