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Tunebite Premium

Audials Tunebite has been the solution for all problems with media files since 2004. Music with file formats that won't play everywhere, videos from the Internet or movies from DVDs or online Video on Demand services - Audials Tunebite always features the best options for recording and converting file formats for PCs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, games consoles and all mobile devices.

Audials Tunebite Premium and Audials Tunebite Platinum are best suited as format converters and for recording audio, as well as automatically cutting and saving audio files as individually tagged tracks (MP3, WMA, AAC) from any source.

m4p converter, convert drm m4a to mp3, drm wma to mp3, m4b to mp3, aa to mp3, m4p to mp3, m4p to wma converter.Tunebite Premium for Microsoft Windows(R) lets you manually or automatically make unprotected copies of copy-protected music or audio book files you have purchased online. Because it records music and audio books while it is being played in Windows MediaPlayer or Apple iTunes and does not circumvent DRM copy-protection technology, Tunebite is completely legal and functions with all copy-protection measures.

Tunebite Premium legally converts DRM copy-protected music and audio books from formats like convert drm drm wma to mp3, m4b to mp3, aa to mp3, m4p to mp3, m4p to wma converter. It is also m4p converter, m4b converter, drm wma converter.

Tunebite Premium automatically converts music tracks and audio books at multiple speed using High Speed Digital Dubbing. Using batch operation, large volumes of files can be automatically recorded in digital quality.

convert drm wma to mp3, m4p to mp3, m4b to mp3, aa to mp3 Purchase Tunebite Premium $24.90

Supported Formats for Music & Audio book converting

Tunebite Premium Input format Output format
Unprotected audio files WMA MP3 / OGG / WAV
Copy-protected music files protected WMA / M4P MP3 / OGG / WMA / WAV
Copy-protected audio book files protected AA / M4B MP3 / OGG / WMA / WAV

Key Features

  • Unparalleled Simplicity
    Just tell Tunebite where your incoming music folders are. With the click of a button, Tunebite searches these folders for files that have not yet been processed and records them automatically.
  • Digital Pro Sound Management
    Want to listen to other music during the recording process? No problem! Tunebite provides you with total listening freedom, even if your sound card doesn?t. And to ensure professional sound quality, Tunebite automatically configures recording levels and devices, and provides you with an Oscilloscope Monitor that indicates the optimum recording level.
  • Music Library Management
    Tunebite also helps make new music ready for inclusion in your music library. The title, artist and album name for every music file are automatically stored in ID3 tags. Files are saved as desired in various folders according to artist and/or album, making music easier to find. Normalization ensures music is recorded at the uniform volume level of the entire music collection.

Platform: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Operating System: 32-bit and 64-bit OS

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