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DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner is a real clone DVD software, allows you to create easily copies of your DVD movies, decoding CSS and region code completely. support copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, copy DVD-9 to DVD-9.

DVD Cloner, clone DVD, copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, copy DVD-9 to DVD-9DVD Cloner is a real DVD movie cloner, allows you to create easily copies of your DVD movies, decoding CSS and region code completely. It can copy your favorite chapter, subtitle and audio to save disk space. The copied disks are compatible with any home stand alone DVD player. Backup DVD movie to DVD+(-)R/RW easily. Keep your DVD movie well, Within minutes, using DVD Cloner One-Click technology, everyone becomes DVD restore and copy expert!

DVD Cloner is a perfect DVD cloner software and one of the few available that includes the CSS decryptor and supports more DVD-Drivers and more faster speed. You can copy your copy-protected DVDs because DVD-Cloner includes CSS decryptor which is one of the few dvd backup software in market. you will have everything you need to copy favorite dvd collection in one easy to use software program! DVD-Cloner is the fastest and easiest way to copy DVDs!

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What's new

  • Two newly designed interfaces
    Express mode is the fool-prove way to copy DVD.
    It only takes one click to copy your DVD! While Expert mode is more professional and customized. It make you a DVD copy expert!
  • Enhanced decoder to defeat all up-to-date DVD protection mechanisms Upgraded burning kernel and encoding engine
  • New“DVD Fix” copying mode allow you to recover damaged DVDs
  • Fixed many bugs found in DVD-Cloner III
  • Bundled with FREE DVD-TO-AVI, DVD-TO-MPEG, DVD-TO-SVCD. Now one copy of DVD-Cloner means 4 great products!

DVD Cloner key Features

  • Two newly designed operating interfaces
    Express mode is the easiest way to copy DVD. While Expert mode is more professional and customized.
  • Just one click and you can become a DVD backup expert!
  • Perfect 1:1 DVD
    CopyCopy entire DVDs including the title, menus, subtitles, audio & languages – or just the parts you want.
  • Create Customized Copies
    Now you can select your favorite title, chapter, subtitles or audio for copying.and previewfavorite chapter.
  • Supports Episodic DVDs
    Choose your preferred sections without copying the whole DVD.
  • Copy DVD-9 to DVD-5
    Compress one DVD-9 movie onto one D5 dvd+-r/rw without noticeable quality loss.
  • Copy DVD-9 to DVD-9
    Copy a DVD-9 movie to an 8.5GB dual layer DVD+r/rw without any quality loss.
  • Full DVD disc copy
    Copy a D9/D5 Movie/data/music disc entirely to another D9/D5 disc.
  • Split one D9 to two D5
    Copy one DVD-9 movie onto two D5 dvd+-r/rw without any quality loss.
  • ‘DVD Fix’ copying mode
    It can recover the damaged DVDs to the greatest extent.
  • High Compatibility
    Supports PAL, NTSC, DVD+-R/RW and most DVD players and burners.
  • High Speed
    DVD copy takes less than one hour to finish.

DVD Cloner FAQS:

1. What is DVD Cloner?
DVD Cloner is software that makes high-quality 1:1 DVD backup copies with the ability to decode CSS encryptions and regional codes completely. The program supports custom copies by enabling users to select their favorite chapters, subtitles and audio options. The copies are compatible with most home DVD players.

2. I want to make several copies of a DVD. Do I need to repeat the cloning process each time?
No. To make multiple copies of a DVD, you will clone the source DVD to the hard drive, then clone from the hard drive to a DVD R/RW disc. You can then create multiple copies of the original DVD, or the cloned DVD directly from the hard drive.

3. When I try to clone a D9 disc to a single DVD, why does DVD Cloner display the message, "Can't fit on 1 disc, please try 'Movie Only' or 'Split Discs' option”?
You may be getting this message for one of the following reasons:
1>. Although the DVD Cloner encoding system is very efficient, even some D9 discs may be too large to fit on a single disc. In this case, you will need to use either the "Movie Only" or the “Split Discs” option.
2>. This message may appear if DVD Cloner fails to read your DVD movie. Please test the source DVD to ensure it is readable.

4. What are the hard drive requirements for DVD Cloner?
If you are using the trial version of DVD Cloner, you will need a minimum of 2GB of free disc space. If you are using the full version, you may need up to twice as much disc space as indicated on the DVD. For example, a D5 DVD may require 5GB or more of free disc space. A D9 DVD may require 10GB or more of free disc space.

5. How long does it take for DVD Cloner to clone a DVD?
The cloning time depends on the computer configuration, the burning speed and the content of the source DVD. Normally, the cloning time ranges from 30 minutes to two hours. We recently performed a test using a D9 DVD of Jumanji. The original disc held 6.92GB, and was cloned to a target disc of 4.7GB. The total cloning time was 35 minutes.

6. Why won’t my cloned DVD±RW disc play on the DVD drive, or DVD player?
Please check the following:
1>. Make sure the DVD drive, or DVD player supports the DVD±RW format.
2>. If the cloned DVD is a DVD±RW, try cloning the source DVD to a DVD±R disc that is compatible with more models of DVD drives and DVD players.

7. What should I do if the second DVD-RW of a “Split Disc” set will not play on a DVD player?
If this occurs, clone the DVD using the “Movie Only” option. This will eliminate any restrictions that may be caused by selecting “Menu”.

8. How do I use DVD Cloner to clone a D9 DVD to a D9 DVD?
You must have a DVD burner, such as the Sony 700A, that supports double layer discs. You must also have a double layer disc to clone the contents to. Click the option form and select the "Fit on 1 disc" option. You must also ensure the "Clone to D9" checkbox is checked. Click "Start" to begin the cloning process.
Note: If the disc in the burner is not a double layer disc, it will be ejected when the cloning process begins. Once you clone to a double layer DVD+R, you cannot burn new contents onto the disc. When cloning to a D9 DVD, make sure you are cloning a D9 DVD. Cloning a D5 DVD to a D9 DVD would be inefficient.

9. Can I use DVD Cloner to back up my DVDs to the hard drive?
Yes. To do this, please use the following steps:
1>. To set the hard drive as your target location, click the button next to the "To” field.
2>. A pop-up window will allow you to browse for a hard drive location.
3>. Select a directory, then click "Yes".
DVD-Cloner will then clone the source DVD to the selected directory, rather than to a blank DVDdR/RW.

10. How do I use DVD Cloner to clone a D9 DVD to a D5 DVD?
To clone a D9 DVD to a D5 DVD, click the option form and select "Fit on 1 disc". Once the selection is made, click "Start" to begin the cloning process.

11. What is the difference in movie list between movie-select window and audio&subtitle-select window?
There are several DVDs or several Episodes in one DVD. DVD Cloner can detect to list every DVD movie or episode for user to select. And there are sure to be different audio&subtitle in every movie. When you click “customize”, movie-select window will show up, you can select any episode to backup. If you want to select audio&subtitle of every episode at the same time, you must enter audio&subtitle-select window. This time the movie list from audio&subtitle select window is the one selected in movie-select window.

12. Will the setting for chapters and audios be always valid?
It is not always valid. The setting will be valid till you change DVD movie or close DVD Cloner.

13. Can DVD Cloner support macro vision?

14. Can DVD Cloner support external DVD burners?

15. Can I select more than 1 episode or audio & subtitle to backup?

16. Can I convert DVD movie to MPEG, AVI or SVCD format?
Sorry, DVD Cloner can’t do that job. But you can use the software DVD Ripper Platinum to do it.


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