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How to put DVD on PSP

Cucusoft PSP Converter Suite is an all-in-one PSP video conversion solution. This Suite includes 3 software -- PSP Video Converter, DVD to PSP Converter and PSP Video Manager. So with this PSP Converter Suite, you can put DVD on PSP, put videos on your PSP, put movies onto PSP, fast and easy!

How to put DVD on PSP, put movies on PSP, put videos on PSP

Download DVD to PSP Converter or Suite, install and run it.

put dvd on psp

1. Load your DVD by clicking 'Open DVD' button and select your DVD driver or choosing 'Open DVD' from 'File' drop down menu.

put dvd movie on psp

And the DVD file(s) to be converted will be displayed in the blank area and the area in the right remains the state of preparation.

put dvd video on psp

2. Set 'Subtitle' to what you like. To 'Output Folder', Enter the full pathname or choose the path where you want to save your video files by clicking 'Output folder'.
Tips: You can remove the title you don't like to convert by choosing the title, Click the 'Remove' button.

how to put dvd on psp

3. You don't need to adjust the Input and Output settings, just use hte default value, click 'Convert' to start ripping DVD to PSP video files.

put dvd on psp

4. OK. You can enjoy your favorite movie/video on your PSP.


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