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How to transfer music songs videos between iPods

It is easy to end up having duplicate songs on your iPod, iPod 2 iPod tracks these duplications and allows you to remove them in seconds. It also optimizes storage space on your iPod allowing you to store more songs!

iPod 2 iPod Guide and FAQ

1> Minimum installation

Ensure your computer meets the minimum installation requirements.

2> iTunes

Although iPod 2 iPod will detect and automatically close iTunes...
We do not recommend attempting to run iPod 2 iPod while iTunes is running.

iPod 2 iPod

3> Start iPod 2 iPod

When iPod2iPod first starts it appears as follows:

iPod 2 iPod
Connect your first iPod device via either USB/Firewire connectors.

It will take iPod 2 iPod approximately 15 seconds to auto detect then display the music from your first iPod.

Your first iPod is identified as a 'tab' on both the left and right sides of the screen.

iPod 2 iPod

4> Using iPod 2 iPod

iPod 2 iPod is a simple application to use. All functionality is driven via the ‘Graphical icons’ on the main menu bar or from the ‘Right Click’ menus initiated within the song list.

Graphical icons

iPod 2 iPod

iPod 2 iPod As the default iPod 2 iPod displays all songs on your iPod.
iPod 2 iPod Use "Playlists" to manage the playlists on your iPod.
iPod 2 iPod While iPod 2 iPod automatically creates a "Backup" of each iPod when it is first connected.
You may use this function to make subsequent backups.
iPod 2 iPod "Restore" allows you to easily restore from a previous backup. Simply click the "Restore" icon and iPod 2 iPod will automatically restore your iPod to the same state as your last backup.
iPod 2 iPod The "Advanced Filter" is particularly useful for the viewing and management of large music collections.
iPod 2 iPod The "Eject" button will detach the currently selected iPod.
It is important that you only disconnect using the eject buttons; simply disconnecting at either end of your cables could cause damage to your system and/or iPods.

5> The Right Click Menu

Use the "Right Click" menu to carry out a range of actions on the individual song tracks.

To initiate this menu place the cursor over the music list and click on your right mouse button.

iPod 2 iPod

Play Enables you to listen to the currently selected track.
Show All Shows all music on your iPod. Useful when viewing songs within playlists.
Select All Songs Selects all music within the song list.
Select Similar Songs Selects all songs matching the text in the first column.
Find Duplicate Songs Finds duplicate music on your iPod.
You will be given the option to clean-up any songs found, freeing up space!
Find Unlinked Songs An annoying issue in iTunes, the "Unlinked Songs" function helps discover music titles which are no longer associated with the actual music file.
Find Unique Songs Compares the iPods in the left and right panels, and displays the songs which are on one iPod, but not the other!
Delete Selection Removes music no longer required.

6> Transferring music

iPod 2 iPod Select the songs you wish to transfer and either drag them to the destination panel,
or click on the "arrows" to transfer music from one iPod to another.

FAQs of iPod 2 iPod

1. No songs appear on my iPod, or iTunes complains that it can no longer use it?

In very rare cases an iPod database can become corrupt.
In the event of this occuring you can restore your iPod from a backup you have made previously (via the Backup icon), by clicking on the Restore icon within the program.
If you do not have a current backup, restore your ipod to it's original state (the point in time you first ran iPod 2 iPod), but holding the SHIFT key down and clicking on the Restore icon.

2. All my transferred songs disappear when I run iTunes?
Generally this occurs when synchronization is enabled within iTunes. iTunes assumes that if the music on your iPod cannot be found on your computer, you are no longer interested in listening to it. It then proceeds to delete these songs off your iPod.


1>. Right click on iPod within iTunes, select "iPod Options...".
2>. Under the Music Tab, select "Manually manage songs and playlists".

The iPod Shuffle does not have this option. The only way to retain music is not to run iTunes while your Shuffle is connected to your computer.

3. Why does iPod 2 iPod create a backup?
The first time you transfer content to a new iPod, the application displays the following message.

iPod 2 iPod

Our backup functionality minimizes the possibility of any data loss, while providing you with the ability to restore your valuable content at any time in the future. We also recommend that you periodically use the manually back up facility.

4. What are network iPods?

You can connect to your other iPods over a Local Area Network (LAN). To do this, you first have to "share" the iPod so your other computers can connect to it.

To Create a Network Share

  • Firstly right-click on the iPod in Windows Explorer, and select "Sharing and Security".
  • Click "New Share" and give it a name like "JoesNano".
  • Click "Permissions" and set the appropriate Read/Write security you want other computers to have.
  • Click "OK".

To Connect to a Network iPod

  • Right-click on "My Network Places" in Windows Explorer, and select "Map Network Drive".
  • Select the drive identifier you want to use for the iPod.
  • Browse or type in the network address to your "JoesNano" share, for example \\JoesComputer\JoesNano.
  • Click "Finish".

5. How many iPods can I connect at once?

You are only limited by the number of USB/Firewire connections available on your computer.

6. Can I run the program from my iPod?

Yes. Simply copy the iPod 2 iPod directory from [install drive]:\Program Files into the root directory of your iPod.
You can then run the program from this directory. Make sure the computer your iPod is connected to has the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed. If not visit the Microsoft Windows Update site to download it.
Please discontinue the use of the software if you intend to do this. We do not endorse the sharing or copying of copyright material.

7. Can I transfer songs to my local hard disk?

To do this you will need Virtual iPod, our iPod backup utility.
In the application, vPods (Virtual iPods) appear just like normal iPods, allowing you to drag and drop songs, playlists and video between your iPods and your hard disk easily.

8. Will the program run under Windows Vista (32bit)?

Yes. This has been thoroughly tested.

9. Will the program run in 64bit Windows?

This hasn't been tested but it should run without any problems due to it being written using the Microsoft .NET Framework.


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