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iPhone Copy PACK

iPhone copy, iPhone backup Pack: iPhone copy + iPhone Photo backup all-in-one software for copy song/video/photo from iPhone to computer.

iphone copyTansee iPhone Copy Pack is an all-in-one iPhone copy, iPhone Backup software. This iPhone Copy Pack includes 2 software -- "iPhone Transfer $19.95" and "iPhone Transfer Photo $19.95". Now you can get this iPhone Copy Pack at a very competitive price $29.95! Save $10!

The iPhone Copy software is the ultimate backup tool for your iPhone. It enables to easily copy your iPhone's songs/videos/photos to your PC. Whether you need to send your iPhone for repair, retrieve your songs/videos/photos because of a computer / hard drive crash, or just to backup to a different drive, The iPhone Copy Pack will create an iPhone copy effortlessly.

The iPhone copy backup software can run on almost all the windows operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista.

Upgrade Free! Tansee's product will upgrade with iPhone synchronizing, prepare for the next generation iPhone! Just one time fee, you can copy songs in next generation iPhone.

copy iphone to computer Purchase $29.95

iPhone Copy Pack is a life saver when

  • Sending your iPhone for repair.
  • Backup song/video/photo to PC.
  • Moving song/video/photo to a new iPhone.
  • Share your iPhone song/video/photo with friends.
  • Computer crashed.

iPhone to Computer Transfer Photo

iphone to pc, iphone to computerTansee iPhone Transfer Photo is an easy to use iPhone copy, iPhone backup software that lets you copy photos from your iPhone to a Windows based PC with the least effort. Apple had integrated all your photos into an ithmb file which user can not access the content directly, the iPhone to Computer Transfer Photo utilizes iPhone's internal database to display and transfer your iPhone's photos instantly. With the iPhone to PC Transfer Photo, iPhone users can transfer iPhone photos to PC easily.

Tansee iPhone to PC Transfer Photo had many special settings for your personal iPhone photo backup, you can customize browser style, backup file format (.BMP or .JPEG)... . We had also realized iPhone auto detection feature, whenever you plug your iPhone to the computer, the iPhone to Computer Transfer Photo could display all the iPhone photos instantly. From now on, you can backup all your iPhone photos to any computer. Try it, you will find more!

Buy iPhone backup software Purchase $19.95

iPhone to PC Transfer Photo Key Features

  • Backup or copy photos in iPhone to PC.
  • Copy iPhone photos to new computer or notebook.
  • Computer crashed.
  • Share your iPhone photos with friends.
  • Copy all photos to a new iPhone.


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