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iPod2iTunes FAQs

iPod2iTunes gives you the peace of mind that no matter what happens to your PC, your music is safely stored on your iPod.

Using iTunes alone there is no way to retrieve music stored on your iPod and bring it back into iTunes. This is because iTunes only allows music to be transferred "One Way", from iTunes to your iPod, not the other way around. Using iPod2iTunes you can effortlessly transfer music, playlists and video back to iTunes.

Only iPod2iTunes allows you to slice and dice your music and bring it back into iTunes any way your wish, by genre, artist, album etc. Sleep easy, if catastrophy strikes iPod 2 iTunes will come to your rescue. Free download

  • Does iPod2iTunes breach Apple’s copyright?
    No. iPod2iTunes does not infringe Apple© copyright; does not enable Fairplay licensees to play protected content not authorized through iTunes© and does not enable users to connect to the iTunes server.
  • Can I transfer my friends music from their iPod to my iTunes library legally?
    No. Transferring music between any electronic device is illegal if you are not the legal owner of the music; this is infringing copyright.
  • I have lost my activation code, can I get a new one?
    Contact us via the site using the same email address you registered with, and we will send your original activation code to you.
  • How many iPods can I connect at once?
    You are only limited by the number of USB/Firewire connections available on your computer.
  • Is the software open source?
    Unfortunately no.
  • Are you planning a iPod2iTunes for Mac OS X version?
    There are no plans at this stage.
  • Will the program run under Windows Vista (32bit)?
    Yes. This has been thoroughly tested.
  • Will the program run in 64bit Windows?
    This hasn't been tested but it should run without any problems due to it being written using the Microsoft .NET Framework.


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