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iPod Copy Pack

iPod copy, iPod backup PACK: iPod copy + iPod Photo backup all-in-one software for copy song/video/photo from iPod to computer.

ipod copyTansee iPod Copy Pack is an all-in-one iPod copy, iPod Backup software. This iPod Copy Pack includes 2 software -- "iPod Transfer" and "iPod Transfer Photo". Now you can get this iPod Copy Pack at a very competitive price $29.95! Save $10!

The iPod Copy software is the ultimate backup tool for your iPod. It enables to easily copy your iPod's songs/videos/photos to your computer. Whether you need to send your iPod for repair, retrieve your songs/videos/photos because of a computer / hard drive crash, or just to backup to a different drive, The iPod Copy Pack will create an iPod copy effortlessly.

The iPod copy backup software can run on almost all the windows operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista.

Upgrade Free! Tansee's product will upgrade with iPhone synchronizing, prepare for the next generation iPod! Just one time fee, you can copy songs in next generation iPhone.

copy ipod to computer Purchase $29.95

iPod Copy Pack is a life saver when

  • Sending your iPod for repair.
  • Backup song/video/photo to computer.
  • Moving song/video/photo to a new iPod.
  • Share your iPod song/video/photo with friends.
  • Computer crashed.

1.Why Can't I copy Song in My iPod?
Answer: Uninstall the program, download and reinstall the latest program from here. Follow the step by step guide at How to Transfer Song from iPod to Computer?.

2.Size of Copy Songs Are All 0 KB, Why?
Answer: Most important of all, the flashing icon "Do Not Disconnect " on your iPod goes away means your iPod had ejected from computer, that might be the reason you can't copy songs correctly. For keeping iPod connection:
For iTunes old version:
Plug your iPod, run iTunes, go Edit->Preference select iPod-Music check "Enable Disk Use". Eject and re-plug your iPod, note the "Do Not Disconnect " icon did not disappear, then open Tansee iPod Transfer to copy your songs out.
For iTunes 7:
Plug your iPod, run iTunes, in "devices" - click your iPod, in "summary-options", select "enable disk use".

3.Why Can't I Copy Song from iPod to iTunes Music Library?
Answer: The iPod copy software can directly transfer songs or videos to computer. If you would like transfer music to iTunes music Library:
Transfer your songs / videos to a folder on your computer by the iPod backup software, e.g. "C:/music" .
Run iTunes, click "File", click "Add Files to Library..." or "Add Folder to Library..." , select the songs in folder C:/music. Or simply run iTunes, Drag your files in "C:/music" to your iTunes music Library.

4.When I Copy Music / Video It Says "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk", Why?
Answer: The message "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk" is generate by your operating system, because of the iPod copy check all your disks to determine which is your iPod driver, click "Cancel" is right choice.

5.When I Copy Music / Video It Says "Disk space not enough, please recopy", Why?
Answer: The message "Disk space not enough, please recopy" appearance when you try to copy a video too large to hold by the disk, to avoid this, please choose a different disk that has enough space to hold your video.

6.Why Can't I Transfer Photo in My iPod?
Answer: Uninstall the program, download and reinstall the latest version from here. Follow the step by step guide at How to Transfer Photo from iPod to Computer?.

7.The Program Reading the Photos about 30 Seconds Freezes and on "Windows Task Manager", "not responding " Displayed. Why?
Answer: Apple developed several versions of iPod, each of them had several resolutions for photo displaying: full screen, thumbs... So, the photos stored in iPod isn't the original images, they are rearranged, when you have large number of photos, The copy iPod Photo to computer need some time to read the photo data in your iPod. Please wait for some minutes let the program read your iPod.

8.Can the iPod copy convert the .ithmb Files on My Hard Driver into JPEG or BMP?
Answer: Sure, The iPod Photo to computer can read .ithmb files:
Copy your .ithmb files and the associated "Photo Database" to a disk (for example D:\) in structure as below: D:\Photos\Photo Database (Driver D: can be other one)
D:\Photos\Thumbs\*.ithmb (All your ithmb files)
Just as they are organized in iPod, then run the iPod Photo to computer, you can read and transfer them now.


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